New butterfly images added
02nd August 2013
It's been to long but I've added some new butterfly images to the gallery pages. Each taken in different situations and each meaning something quite different to me.

This image of a Small White was taken in the our back garden. The lavender plant has taken over a corner of the garden and is covered in bee's and butterflies all day. However the white butterflies are very difficult to approach so I used the Nikon D300s with the Nikon 300mm f4 and a 1.4 teleconverter to give me the working distance I needed and still get a frame filling image. I sat quietly in the garden on the floor and waited for the butterflies to be in the right place and the right angle before getting the shot I wanted, which was this one.

In complete contrast I had to get up very early in July to get the next image. A 4am start gave me enough time to drive to the location of these Marbled White's and find them before they started to fly. Just after 6am I found these two roosting just as you seem them in the photography. Carefully I set up the tripod, locked on the camera and checking the exposure and depth of field. Working at that time in the morning is really magical. The world is still and you can work slowly and carefully to get the image you want and this is what I wanted.

In contrast again this Meadow Brown was taken in the back garden again using the same set up as the Small White. I had a sneak around some large bushes to not spook the butterfly and manage just a couple of frames, but I was pleased with this image.
New photo's!
14th June 2013
It's been a while but there are now new photo's on the birds, Dragonflies, insects and flower galleries.
Bempton Cliffes
07th May 2012
Managed to get to the East coast of Yorkshire to check out the sea bird colonies at Bempton Cliffes and Flamborough head. After the 52 week project last year and the Florida holiday were I had a camera in my hand for two weeks I've been taking photography a little easier the last few months. So it was great to get to Bempton and spend some time getting back in to photography and on reflection I think the break has done me good!

My three favourite photos are a close up of a Razorbill and a portrait of the same bird which was hanging out at the top of the cliffes. The third was a Gannet trying (and failing) to land on the cliffe top.

Florida 2012
01st March 2012
New photo's added from our family holiday in Florida. Fantastic place and awesome birds. Two photo's added, the first being the beautiful Great Egret and the second being the Great Blue Heron

Even though it was winter (still around 20 degrees Celsius!) there were lots of butterflies and bugs.

New autumnal images
20th November 2011
We have added a new album featuring fungi from this autumn. Hope you enjoy.
New photo's from Norfolk
10th July 2011
Today I have uploaded mainly pictures from my week's holiday in Norfolk. We stayed near Great Yarmouth which was a great location for exploring the Norfolk Broads area.

I am particularly happy with these two images. I really wanted to great some moody imagery with the beach structures and using long exposure times.

The first image was made in the evening with a 2 and 4 stop neutral density filter stacked on a filter holder along with a 3 stop soft graduated neutral density filter to balance the exposure across the frame.

The second image was taken on the beach with the tripod legs practically in the sea. In fact I manged to get wet feet while trying to get in the right spot!
I was really pleased with the white surf in the foreground breaking up the otherwise smooth water created from the long exposure time and the motion of the water.
Site update
17th June 2011
The site is now 'live' and has a new URL:

After being on holiday to Cornwall and generally busy I have found some time to upload new images.

A new a new portfolio called 'lanscapes' has also been added
Today's update
16th May 2011
This evening I've added new images to all the galleries and added a Dragonfly gallery.
Is this close enough?
16th May 2011
Been out playing with the Nikon 105mm VR micro and my Nikon 1.4 teleconverter. Here's the results

Ready for your close up? 19/52 (week 19)
The sites up and running
15th May 2011
So here we go, the sites up and the first photo's have been uploaded...